Kvell Communications is proud to have completed a new promotional brochure for JARC Florida, showcasing the newly named Jeffrey and Nicole Goldberg Ability Garden.

JARC’s accessible community garden is a place where adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities can expand their horizons and learn valuable skills while growing a variety of organic vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and flowers.

“Adults with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities absolutely bloom when they discover the joys of gardening,” the brochure states.

Research shows that gardening encourages personal growth and well-being. The Jeffrey and Nicole Goldberg Ability Garden allows the extraordinary people that JARC serves to share in those benefits.  

Organic vegetables and herbs are grown in raised beds of varying heights that can be worked from a seated or standing position as well as in traditional garden rows. And, when it’s time to harvest, our gardeners can savor the sweet taste of their efforts. They also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the produce they have grown will be sold locally or donated to JARC’s culinary training program, which operates a kosher cafe.

The Jeffrey and Nicole Goldberg Ability Garden provides incredible opportunities to:

  • Start new friendships and build social relationships
  • Discover the benefits of teamwork
  • Learn vocational skills that can be applied in a variety of work settings
  • Enhance motor skills
  • Relieve stress and anger
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Enjoy healthy physical activity
  • Stimulate the senses
  • Gain understanding about healthy eating habits

Experts report that spending time working in a garden can:

  • Relieve stress
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Boost your mood
  • Nourish your spirit
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Increase exposure to Vitamin D

“It’s also good for the environment. And gardening is considered a healthy form of aerobic exercise!” the new brochure exclaims.

This unique community garden is ripe with opportunities for vocational training, social interaction and therapeutic activities.

For a PDF or copy of the new brochure, email Kvell communications at andy@kvellraisers.com or call 561-945-9356.