Does your organization have a strong and effective brand?

Your brand is your promise and, now more than ever in the non-profit world, you need to have a powerful and singular identity that sets your organization apart, a set of clear-cut mission and vision statements articulating your aspirations for the future and a “corporate wardrobe” that tells your story through the eyes of your beneficiaries – and the hearts of your supporters.


Do you have a multi-channel communications plan? 

In this age of technology, it is essential for every organization to utilize a wide range of traditional and digital communications tools – we call it “tra-digital marketing” – working together to drive home key messages. From blogs, social media posts and e-newsletters to traditional direct mail, bulletins and in-house media, you need to create the right marketing mix to keep precious stakeholders in the loop – and bring potential participants through the hoop.

Are you making a strong and meaningful Case for Giving?

The donor landscape has changed dramatically as potential contributors are much more particular about where they invest their dollars to achieve maximum impact. A strong Case for Giving is the key to articulating the critical needs for your organization and providing important details on where donations are distributed – not just through statistics, but compelling pull-the-heartstring stories as well.

Is your database in order and ready for segmentation?

Next to raising dollars, building data is critical for ensuring your organization’s growth and sustainability in the long-term. Just as you manage your fiscal health, you need to build and harness your data to effectively communicate and ultimately attract – and build relationships with – new stakeholders to your events, programs and philanthropic opportunities.

Do you have an engagement strategy for all generations?

In order to bring participants, donors and leaders to the table, you need to bring prospects under the tent. This can be accomplished by creating as many portals of entry to an organization as possible. This can be accomplished by creating a contagious, multi-faceted community engagement campaign that attracts and involves all key affinity groups – from babies to boomers and beyond!

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