Kindness rocks. Whether it’s donors and volunteers supporting a worthwhile charity, a corporation putting its principals AND principles behind a noble cause or a private foundation mobilizing resources for a particular mission or movement, Rose Impact can put the power of passion in place for your non-profit organization, cause-driven company or private foundation.

Rose Impact specializes in a concept we call “causitivity” – promoting all that’s good for the betterment of society. We put our art and soles into providing a complete range of marketing and communications strategies aimed at celebrating and interconnecting companies and organizations that know that raising funds and awareness of great causes is good business.

Rose Impact has an extensive track record working with a wide range of non-profit organizations – from social service agencies and advocacy groups to to educational institutions and humanitarian organizations.  

Through mission and vision planning, we can set your organization apart with a strong and singular brand identity. With a wide range of fundraising support tools, we can help create a culture of giving and convey the impact of a gift. Through affinity marketing, our team can help you build key donor groups through targeted marketing and communications. And buy implementing dynamic community engagement strategies, we can help you create a compelling and contagious community branding campaign.


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There couldn’t be a better time to make sure your business is good.

Cause sponsorship is predicted to reach $2.14 billion in 2018, a projected increase of 4.4% over 2017. (ESP Sponsorship Report)

86% of consumers believe that companies should take a stand on social issues and 64% of those who said it’s “extremely important”to take a stand said they were “very likely” to purchase a product based on that commitment. (2018 Shelton Group’s ‘Brands & Stands: Social Purpose is the New Black’)

Nearly two-thirds of millennials and Gen Z express a preference for brands that have a point of view and stand for something, the report found. (Kantar Study)

That’s why Rose Impact has a special focus on helping companies who believe in cause marketing make it know and assisting those who have yet to see the value of community involvement harness their heartstrings to do so.

From helping you establish an “Our Company Cares” program to assisting you in finding the right non-profit partners and activities to publicizing your efforts to the local community through the press and social media, we will give you all of the tools to establish yourself as a cause-driven company.


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Rose Impact help your private foundation develop highly effective communication plans that align with your mission and clearly convey the meaningful impact of your organization’s work.

Our team can offer a wide range of tools and resources tailored to your foundation with the singular goal of helping you improve the way you share your organization’s story with key stakeholders and the community-at-large.

From web sites that showcase the reach and scope of your mission to giving portfolios that offer opportunities for donors and philanthropist to make a direct impact, Rose Impact can lay the groundwork to growth and expansion for your private foundation. We can provide communications tools designed to generate prospective supporters and reinforce your vital relationships with those who continue to sustain your foundation.



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